Using Hypnotherapy to relieve the Symptoms of the Menopause

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Over the years I have treated 1,000's of women with menopause symptoms and found that although there are common themes, every woman has a different story to tell. Apart from the physical symptoms, the emotional and mental trauma can be just as debilitating.
  • Women will have lots of different feelings during the menopause and some may pass quickly, and others may linger
  • Feeling more sad and tearful than normal
  • Feeling more emotional - Menopause often evokes emotional changes, such as getting older, losing family members and children leaving home
  • Feeling depressed and anxious
  • Anger
  • Despair and hopelessness
  • Loss of identity – may feel old
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Isolation and frustration
  • Trouble coping

Based on my years of experience, I have developed the Hypnotherapy Lifestyle range of CD's and specifically worked on the aspirational, mental and physical aspects of the menopause.

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