What does Dignity mean to you?

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According to Duhaime's Law Dictionary, dignity means an individual or group's sense of self-respect and self-worth, physical and psychological integrity and empowerment. Quite a statement but this theme runs throughout every aspect of our mental and physical wellbeing, whether that is in a medical setting or even within our own home.

Few people understand the true meaning of dignity, and even fewer realise the extraordinary impact it has on our lives and relationships.

When dignity is present, people feel in control, valued, confident, comfortable and able to make decisions for themselves. I often ask people what dignity means to them and often they respond with ‘respect’. I believe we all have a deep, human desire to be treated as something of value.

I receive numerous emails from my customers that share with me that they feel like a number in a cattle market, particularly when they are going for a routine smear or prostate test.  One in, one out. They voice their concerns that they feel embarrassed and have their dignity & privacy compromised.  Too few express themselves as they know the practitioners are all busy, chasing the numbers and ‘it’s nothing they haven’t seen before’.

We are all unique individuals, no two of us are the same and it’s important to be valued and respected in what could be a lifechanging procedure.

So I would like to hear from you about what dignity means to you? Get in touch and share your experience.  All responses will be fully confidential.

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