About Us

Our Founder Sally Benson is just like any other woman except she had a dream to effect change. Her drive & ambition to develop Dignity Wear came from personal experience which prompted her to take action.

The light bulb moment came when she was stood on the top of the Great Wall of China and realised right there and then that she could achieve anything.

Sally set out on a mission to design a product which would afford every woman the right to her dignity & privacy during routine smear tests. An inspiring meeting with a retired surgeon also highlighted that men get embarrassed too so naturally, it wasn’t long before she was approached by men who said, “what about us?” Dignity Wear for HIM & for HER soon launched.

Sally says, “We are no longer in that generation where we have to get on with it. Times are changing and so are people. They want their voices to be heard loud and clear and they are from many cultural backgrounds with many diverse needs.” The concept that is Dignity Wear™ was born with the wonderful assistance of the Entrepreneurial Spark Team, RTC North, B.E.F & the L.E.P as well as some very special individuals; Vicky Hoyle, Kerry Green, Josh Benson & Cara Cardona.