We hope to answer some of your questions and appreciate we may not have thought of them all so feel free to get in touch.

Female Underwear

Q1.     Can I re-use my underwear for my next routine test?

Absolutely - they will launder as normal and I often suggest a light hand wash, dry thoroughly and place in the additional pouch you received with your order.

Q2.     Time is of an essence and I need to go for my test straight from work.  Will my Dignity Wear pants be as comfortable as my regular underwear?

When we surveyed over 120 women, the top feedback given was how comfortable our pants were and how they felt just like any regular underwear.  

Q3.     Should I leave my Dignity Wear underwear on after my test?

As any women will know, when your test has finished, we just want to leave and grab a cuppa or in some cases we have to go straight back to work.  Unless a lubricant has been used then you will simply apply the discreet flap and off you go.  I would always advise taking a discreet panty liner with you just in case but not necessarily essential.

Q4.     The practitioner at my surgery thinks Dignity Wear is a great idea for other patients.  How do I point her in the right direction?

How fabulous. Tell her to take a look at www.dignity-wear.com or this shop.

Q5.     What if my practitioner is not forward thinking and tells me to remove my underwear and just get on with it?

This is why Dignity Wear was created as I wanted to ensure that I was never deterred from going for future tests through the exposure I had personally experienced.  Smear tests have been seriously in decline since 2005 and this decline is not going away.  Dignity Wear™ encourages, empowers and most importantly, gets women testing. 

Under the NICE guidelines, health practitioners need to listen to and address any health beliefs, concerns and preferences that the patient has, and be aware that these affect how and whether they engage with treatment. It's in everyone's interest to be part of a raising the screening levels.